Sustainability Blueprint

Sustainability Blueprint


We are committed to embedding sustainable practices throughout our organisation. Building upon our core values, the Sustainability Blueprint is fundamental to how we do business by creating long-term value for our people, our customers, our shareholders and the communities we impact. The overarching aim of the Blueprint is to foster sustainable continuity by aligning to our corporate purpose, which is to deliver sustainable futures.

The Sustainability Blueprint complements our strategy and is a framework that charts our path forward and future-proofs operations. Developed through deep engagement with our leadership teams and other stakeholders, the Blueprint embeds sustainability into our organisation by aligning business strategy and decision-making with sustainable practice. The Blueprint also accounts for the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements of our customers, investors, and principals.


Three interconnected components are featured in the Sustainability Blueprint:

Overall Targets
The Overall Targets refer to our pledge to cut emissions, ensure a more energy-efficient product portfolio, and to increase investment into innovative sustainable solutions.

The Blueprint outlines four Themes that collectively address and manage our material matters, while guiding us to achieve our Overall Targets. These Themes embed environmental, social, governance and economic factors into our strategic decision-making. Click here to read more on our Material Matters in our Annual Report.

Flagship Initiatives

The Flagship Initiatives are strategic initiatives that both summarise and guide sustainable actions across the Group. The Initiatives have enabled the implementation of a tracking and reporting system that monitors the integration of sustainability-based projects across our business units.

Complementing the Initiatives, we have also developed and mapped 26 Activities across the Group. Identifiable to specific Initiatives, these Activities represent subsets of categorical projects that are being implemented across the Group. The Activities were identified through

  • current projects that implement a sustainable response or solution, and 
  • sustainable projects that will provide the most upside and desirable impact to our current operations. 

When identified, all 26 Activities were already present within the Group. The Activities enhance our tracking and reporting process.