Training & Development

The training and development of our employees is important to us as it allows our employees to grow in harmony with our strategic business needs. 

A positive culture of learning helps our employees become more agile and adaptive to shifting market demands and new business landscapes. 

Educating our employees on our ESG commitments and facilitating their understanding of our sustainable product portfolio is also a top priority. 

Employees across the Group have access to a wide range of training ranging from core and specific skills relevant to employees’ job scopes to personal development programmes. 
Our blended set of training brings three aspects of development together, that is, structured courses, social learning through exposure to colleagues and superiors, and experiential learning or practical experience on the job.

Behavioural Programmes

We facilitate environmental awareness campaigns to instil environmental practices among our employees. The campaigns focus on changing our employees’ behaviour such as switching off equipment and lights that are not in use and setting air conditioners to climate-appropriate temperatures. Workshops have been conducted in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and New Zealand.