From a technician to Head of Service at Tractors Malaysia, meet Yuhanis Yusof

Meet Yuhanis Yusof, a remarkable individual who has climbed the ladder of success from being an apprentice technician to become the Head of Service at Tractors Malaysia.  

Although his entry into the company was not a deliberate career choice, little did he know that the opportunity would set the stage for a fulfilling career filled with growth and learning, friendship and team spirit and remarkable achievements with a corporation that supports his career development and personal success. 

Yuhanis joined Sime Darby in December 1990, under the Tractors Malaysia Mechanic Traineeship Program (MTP) as an apprentice technician. Throughout his 32-year career with Sime Darby, he has made significant contributions in various departments, including service, training, branch operation, and aftersales.  

For Yuhanis, what fuels his success at work is his role as a team leader and with it, the opportunity to train and cultivate new leaders in Sime Darby who will continue the good legacy of providing excellent customer support, maximising equipment uptime, and delivering value to our customers. He takes immense pride in his division’s many accomplishments and accolade and credits teamwork as a key element to success. Most recently, he led his team to successfully attain Caterpillar Learning Centre status for Sime Darby Industrial Academy in 2023.  

“One quote that echoed with me was, ‘There is no shortcut to success”. 

As the Head of Service, Yuhanis leads the Cat Service team, ensuring that customers' Cat Equipment is managed efficiently, minimising downtime while maximising uptime. A typical day for him involves attending departmental meetings, addressing technical and financial challenges, and making decisions on customer support. Together with his team, he tackles customer issues and delivers value to their clients with utmost diligence and efficiency. 

Yuhanis's leadership style is firmly grounded in setting a strong example, empowering his team, and eliminating obstacles that hinders progress. Collaboration is at the core of his approach, and by fostering a culture of patience, tenacity, and team support, he has overcome numerous challenges. This leadership philosophy has cultivated a motivated and high-performing team, where the freedom to work autonomously leads to heightened productivity and exceptional work quality. 

Throughout his career, Yuhanis has encountered and triumphed over various challenges, but he firmly believes that teamwork and the collective capabilities of his team are vital in overcoming obstacles. Together, they have successfully navigated countless challenges that have come their way, demonstrating their resilience and determination.  

One project that stood out in Yuhanis's career was supporting the Royal Malaysian Navy's New Generation Off-shore Patrol Vessel (OPV) in 2006. Despite not having prior knowledge of the vessel's engineering and facing scepticism from the turn-key contractor, Yuhanis and his team successfully resolved all the challenges, proving their exceptional capabilities to reputable clients. 

In terms of his growth and development, Yuhanis shares that Sime Darby Industrial’s commitment to employee development is second to none. The company has provided countless opportunities for personal and professional growth, equipping him with essential leadership skills and technical expertise. Sime Darby's harmonious company culture also profoundly influenced Yuhanis's professional growth and self-confidence. Yuhanis is grateful for the equal opportunities provided by Sime Darby, creating an inclusive space where every contribution is valued. 

“What truly sets Sime Darby apart is its exceptional work ethics and the calibre of individuals I have had the privilege to collaborate with”. 

As for Yuhanis’s future goals and aspirations within the company, he aims to continue contributing to the growth and success of Sime Darby. He seeks to develop new leaders, further enhance his leadership skills and technical knowledge, and contribute to the improvement of processes and operations. Ultimately, he hopes to leave a lasting impact and create a positive difference within the company. 

Yuhanis Yusof's journey at Sime Darby is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and unwavering support. Supported by his loving family and the empowering opportunities provided by Sime Darby, Yuhanis continues to set a stellar example for aspiring newcomers looking to set their mark of success and excellence in the corporate world.