Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Small Actions Making Big Impacts

The principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle (the 3Rs) offer a pathway to sustainability practices in a world facing environmental challenges. Adopting these principles enables us to minimise waste and contribute to a circular economy. By implementing the 3Rs, we can all play a vital role in mitigating climate change and fostering a more sustainable future.

Sime Darby is dedicated to waste reduction, as demonstrated by its waste reduction strategy outlined in our Sustainability Blueprint. Each business unit within the Group plays a crucial role in implementing the strategies to minimise waste. It's essential to recognise that our actions not only affect the environment but also impact our communities.

It is encouraging to see many business units undertaking their own initiatives to drive sustainable practices across their operations.

Removing heavy duty waste from landfill


Piloting a new initiative, Sime Darby Motors New Zealand (SDMNZ) and Rhino Mudguards have been providing customers with the option to trade in their used mudguards for a new set of recycled mudguards, free of charge. The used mudguards are then ground down and recycled into new mudguards creating its own circular economy. The pilot has had a positive uptake from customers with SDM NZ looking to expand the initiative across more sites in future.

Repurposing used uniforms

Terra Cat New Zealand has an established partnership with textile recycling company – Upparel. All of Terra Cats used uniforms are collected and broken down to be recycled into a material called UPtex. Used for a variety of applications such as signage, homewares and packaging, Terra Cat has prevented over two tonnes of textiles going into landfill since March 2023.

Driving employees to recycle for community

Sime Darby Motors Australia drives sustainability through ReCollect, a container deposit scheme collection service. Since December 2022, the employee focused initiative encourages staff to separate and dispose of waste responsibly using strategically placed recycling stations. Recollect then collects the empty containers and provides a refund for each container received. To date over 20,000 containers have been diverted from landfill generating over $1900 in refunds which has been donated to community organisations.

Cleaning up a sea of red packets


Sime Darby Motors Singapore is working with T2 Recycling Pte ltd to reduce the number of red packets that go to landfill every Chinese New Year. The huge amount of pigment used for the printing of red packets make them unable to be recycled in the traditional paper recycling process.

Using a dedicated marketing campaign, the team at Performance Motors encouraged customers to take advantage of their designated ang pao recycling booths located in their dealerships throughout the festive season.